Dragon Ball Super episode 90 Subbed

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  • Dudeguy


  • Dudeguy
  • Jim

    The ads on this site is horrendous. I guess a simple banner ad is not good enough?????!!

    • Zardock

      Yeah it’s pretty absurd. Have to close like 4 ads before I can play the video

      • Henkdebatser

        It used to be really nice here with just a few ads. I’m looking for a new supplier of my weekly DBS.

        • Majin Squall

          new supplier? because you pay so much to your current one right

    • メージアス

      this is why adblockers exists.

  • Jordan Tampa

    lmao wtf is this pre episode countdown shit?

  • Sagar Singh

    Guys i dont see any subtitles after 12:12 can anyone help??

    • Jordan Cecil (Jcecil)

      Same problem

    • Theodwros Tenizis

      same here

  • Devanshu Verma

    ????? this video is not working after 12:12

  • Daniel

    Best episode of this saga so far! so hyped!

  • sonicino

    Please Fix Op! Subs stop at 12:12.


    theres no sub after 12:12 fix pls

  • Axel

    FUCKING subtitle error huh